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Norwich Connect is a standard to medium risk holistic, whole family support service for individuals, couples and families affected by domestic abuse regardless of gender, sexuality, age, or disability, including victims, perpetrators and children/young people.

We believe that every survivor of domestic abuse, and their family, deserves the right response, at the right time, to make them safe, sooner.

Over the next three years, SafeLives are working with partners from the Norfolk County Community Safety Partnership to pilot a Beacon site of best practice in Norfolk for victims of domestic abuse. Norwich Connect, which is delivered by Spurgeons, is one element of this and aims to improve the response for individuals, couples or families (with or without children) experiencing Domestic Abuse.

Our model includes:

  • A multi-skilled team delivering direct services to individuals, children and families.
  • Programmes that provide:
    o Whole family work
    o Peer mentoring
    o Survivor groups: domestic abuse awareness, recovery and skills development
    o 1-1 and group work with perpetrators who have been assessed as motivated to change
  • A coordinated, multi-agency approach, working with relevant services.
  • Training other agencies.
  • Online support and therapeutic approaches.
  • Survivor-led service review and improvement
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Support for victims

No-one should have to reach crisis point before they get help. The support of a specialist domestic abuse practitioner can help people to get safe and stay safe.

Each victim will have their own specialist Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) to provide practical and emotional support. IDVAs will also support clients to identify and build on their own strengths.

Children and young people

Our staff provide tailored support to children and young people of all age ranges. This includes group work and 1-1 support.

We give young people the chance to speak about what they need in our Side by Side and Grow Together programmes. These help the parent and their children to improve their emotional wellbeing and build their relationship.

We also offer specialist support for families who experience adolescent-to-parent violence.



Engage is an approach centred in safeguarding and risk management. It support people experiencing domestic abuse who wish to remain in their relationship; increasing awareness and safety of victims, accountability and responsibility of perpetrators, and ensures children are appropriately supported. This contains direct work with perpetrators to help them change their behaviours.

Support to thrive

Once safe, survivors may still have ongoing needs and require support to continue their recovery.

Our holistic support is tailored to their needs and wishes. We enable them to move forward with confidence and resilience, to live the life they want and to thrive.

This includes group work, access to therapeutic support and opportunities to receive support from a peer mentor or become a peer mentor themselves.

Training for professionals

Professionals from across Norfolk can attend one of our training courses on:

  • The Connect model
  • Use of tools/toolkits in the Connect model
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Strengths-based approaches
  • Creating a Culture of Engagement


A survivor consultant

“Be flexible. Not everyone is the same after the abuse and not everyone will want the same kind of support. We are all different.”

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We believe in the value and potential of every child.

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We recognise every person as a unique individual, deserving of respect.

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We won’t walk away, even when that means making tough choices.