Nearly 4 million
live in poverty
in the UK

Poverty places a great burden on parents, restricts childhood development and, in extreme cases, shortens lives.

Children's centres and early help

Working with children in the early years of their life is the most effective way to ensure that those experiencing deprivation can still look forward to choices and opportunities.

10 days
a child is killed at the hands of their parent in the UK

under 1
are more at risk of being killed at the hands of another person than any other single year age group

Over ⅔ of children killed at the hands of another person are under 5

Children's centres are a key resource in communities

They give us the opportunity to work with children and families in the context of a local community and ensure we support all families regardless of background or situation.

Life-saving Children’s Centre

When Jenny Brown first came to her local Children’s Centre in Ventnor, Isle of Wight, for support with her pregnancy she never imagined that her experience would save her life.

Jenny Brown's story

Approach and outcomes

We run over 50 Children's Centres across the UK. We work with local partners to ensure a comprehensive service response is offered, tailored to local need.

Focusing on communities with high-levels of poverty, we work with families at the pre-natal stage, through birth and up to the age of five.

Our range of services typically include:

  • Young parents groups
  • Supporting parent and child relationships, family therapy, nurturing
  • Baby-clinics
  • Stay and play sessions
  • Father support groups
  • Helping parents to return to work

How we're rated

Good leadership and management, cohesive provision, and good and improving outcomes for families, demonstrate the centre's effectiveness in meeting local need Ofsted

What our service users say

I think your services are making a real positive difference to many children, and feel lucky to have such a lovely children's centre. Children's centre user