Teenage Parents

Teenage Parents

Spurgeons helps teenagers to become excellent parents by working alongside their families and providing support through our Children’s Centres. We know that young mums and dads want to be great parents and want the very best for their child, just like any new parent. They simply might need more help in learning how to be a good parent.

Being a teenage parent can be very difficult. Not only might a young mum or dad feel too young to be a parent but they might also find themselves separated from their child’s other parent. They might even face difficulties from their own family at a time when they really need them.

Involving the whole family

Any new parent’s support network of family and friends is vital, and this is even more so the case for teenage parents, who can be vulnerable and socially isolated, as well as experience mental health challenges and social and financial pressures.

To help teenage mums and dads, we encourage their parents, grandparents and other family members to get involved at our Children’s Centres.

Preparing for the Future

Spurgeons’ Children’s Centres and our Family Support work gives young mums and dads the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of activities to learn about parenting. We will also introduce them to valuable support available online.

If they are separated or not in a relationship, we aim to help both young parents work together for the benefit of their child, so they have a hope-filled future.

To find out more about the support available to teenage parents, please visit our Children’s Centres and Family Support pages

What others say

“Dean and I went on a parenting course and it really helped us to understand our children better and how to take better care of them” – Ellie

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My child is about to become a parent at a young age. I can’t be there all the time so can anyone help them to learn how to become the parent I know they want to be?

A. We offer support to parents up to the age of 20, working with their whole family, so we can support you as well as them. Teenage parents often feel excluded and vulnerable, but they still want the best for their children - like any new parent. We help them learn the new skills they need through our Children’s Centres.

Case Studies

Learning how to become better parents
Ellie was a teenager when she had Maya. Now in a relationship with Dean, they also have a baby Harry. Because of Harry’s ill health, Ellie was exhausted and depressed, so she approached Spurgeons for help. As well as receiving support for her depression, Ellie and Dean went on a parenting course, improving their relationship and helping Ellie to become a more confident and happy mum.
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