Family Support

Family Support

With around 400,000 children in the UK classed by the child protection service as being in need, Spurgeons’ services ensure vulnerable children and their families can access the support they need for a better future. 

We offer family support in many ways, including through our children’s centres and prison visitor centres, with both one-to-one and group activities.

Local support for families who need help

We seek to help families cope better with their difficulties and provide them with resources and support to find long lasting solutions to challenging problems.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is by working directly with vulnerable young people and their families within their own community, through our children’s centres and local projects. In so doing, we can understand their issues and work with their community to find solutions.

Developing the right skills

Through our children’s centres, projects and activities, we support families to develop their skills, so that they can work better together. We help them understand and deal with issues like inter-generational breakdown and anti-social behaviour, to help to build stronger families and healthier, more cohesive communities. 

Support we provide includes:

  • Parenting support
  • Youth and children’s activities
  • Advice and information
  • Mentoring support
  • Community events
  • Homework clubs
  • Child-focused prison visitor centres

For more information on our services, see our children’s centres, young carer support and prison visitor centres pages

Case Studies

The Play Bus which helps troubled tots turn corners
Mum, Donna, had survived domestic abuse and had started a new life with James, but when 6-year-old Holly started showing signs of trauma, the whole family was affected. With the Play Bus, we helped Holly and her older sister to move forwards and gave the whole family the support they needed to build a better future.
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