Commission Us

Commission Us

At Spurgeons we understand the challenges faced by commissioners in meeting the needs of children and families, so we work proactively with you to ensure our services are responsive, value for money and achieve the best possible outcomes.

We’re always looking for partnership opportunities with organisations who can help us to offer the best possible services to the children, young people and families we support.

If you are a commissioner or service provider and are interested in:


  • Commissioning us for service delivery
  • Partnering with Spurgeons
  • Exploring consortium opportunities with us
  • Working with us to design new service solutions

Why work with us?

Our Values

Spurgeons is a Christian children’s charity with a history spanning 150 years. Our values are core to who we are and we aim to reflect these in everything we do. We are dedicated to giving vulnerable children a better present and a hope-filled life and we are committed to safeguarding our legacy for the future.

Planning for our Future

Thanks to the careful and thoughtful management of our assets, income, gifts and legacies, we are financially secure.  With firm foundations in place, we will be able to continue our work in supporting children and families for years to come.  

Community Working

We work hard to understand local needs and develop bespoke solutions for individual communities and services.  Our robust systems and policies are designed to adapt to a wide range of needs and requirements, with the flexibility to integrate with localised processes. 

High Success Rate

We are committed to making sure the services and support we provide work for every one who needs us. We have comprehensive monitoring and evaluation processes to check that what we are doing is working.  At the heart of this is our unique ‘Spurgeons’ Outcomes Framework’ which incorporates the EFQM Excellence model (2013), and was developed with the New Philanthropy Capital. This model of monitoring gives us confidence that we are meeting the needs of our service users, and that we can have the greatest possible positive impact.

Working in Partnership

Because we are embedded and involved in communities, we can create genuine partnerships with other agencies and services in the area. We welcome other groups and organisations to play a role in our services, so that we can work together to find long lasting solutions for individual needs

We have an extensive volunteer network and dedicated local fundraisers which means that our front line staff have everything they need to provide the best possible support to the people who need us.

Providing a Voice

Through our intervention and support services, we have made a real difference to the lives of almost 3,000 children, young people and adults. We protect over 1,200 individuals from neglect, harm and abuse each year. In addition to our commissioned services, we aim to influence change through speaking up on behalf of children and families who need our help. We do this through raising awareness of key issues, advocating on their behalf and ensuring their voices are heard.

To discuss partnering with us or commissioning us, please get in touch on or call 01933 412412

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