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Major Donations

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A boy on a slide at a centre helped by major donations to Spurgeons.

Major gifts allow Spurgeons to respond quickly to the needs of the vulnerable children and young people we work with. We are immensely grateful for the major gifts we receive.

Making a major difference

We like to build long-term relationships with our major donors, fully involving you in all aspects of the project you are supporting, or not involving you at all if that's what you want!

We have a dedicated Major Donor Team who will keep you updated in the format you prefer; in addition we will provide you with timely and appropriate updates, if required set up regular meetings and host you to visit the project you are supporting. In addition, we will invite you to events that may be of interest to you.

Support a Spurgeons' project

We like to work with our major donors, explaining the needs of various projects and communities, while understanding your needs as donors and at the same time giving insights into the life-changing difference your money makes.

We will provide you with six monthly reports on how the project is getting on and are happy to discuss the opportunities for you to visit the project you are supporting.

A teenage parent looking at the camera holding a baby supported by Spurgeons.Support general funds

If you would like us to allocate your donation to a particular project or a specific area of our work then we are happy to do so, but you can also trust Spurgeons to use your gift in an area we feel is in most need and be assured your donation will be supporting some of the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Giving shares

Donating shares to Spurgeons can provide essential cash for our work. In addition, it may have a tax advantage for you.

What are the possible tax benefits for me if I donate shares to Spurgeons?

Income Tax: If you donate shares to Spurgeons, you can get income tax relief on the donation. If you are a higher-rate taxpayer, for instance, and donate £1,000 worth of shares, you will get £400 tax relief. Or, if you pay tax at the standard rate, the relief would be £220. You can claim this on your self- assessment tax form, or by contacting your local Tax Office.

Spurgeons is not registered to dispense financial advice, please discuss the selling for shares with your financial advisor or HMRC (formerly the Inland Revenue).

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