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Support us through a corporate relationship.

We highly value our corporate partnerships and believe that by working together we can make a very real difference to the lives of children, young people and families.

We believe in working with corporate partners to mutual benefit and provide a range of ways that your company can get involved. Spurgeons are the ideal charity to partner with if you are looking for your company and staff to feel more involved in giving to a UK focussed charity.

Ways to get involved

We provide a service to businesses who choose to support Spurgeons that will deliver mutually beneficial results. We are committed to providing dedicated support and are on hand to offer advice about ways to get involved.

We are flexible to ensure that your company’s involvement with Spurgeons is tailored to meet your unique requirements. It may be that none of the suggestions below will work for your company or it may be that you have a new idea - we would love to hear from you and discuss any kind of requirements you have to work in new and innovative ways.

Project donations

3 Young Carers helped by Spurgeons smiling at the camera.We like to work alongside our corporate supporters, explaining the needs of various projects and communities, whilst understanding their needs as donors and at the same time giving insights to the life-changing difference their money makes. By working with companies we can ensure the partnership is mutually beneficial and the project being supported matches your business priorities.

We will provide you with 6 monthly reports on how the project is getting on and are happy to discuss the opportunities for staff to visit the project.

If you would like us to allocate your donation to a particular project or a specific area of our work then we are happy to do so. But you can also trust Spurgeons to use your gift in an area we feel is in most need and be assured your donation will be supporting some of the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Charity of the Year

Does your company have a Charity of the Year? If not why not choose Spurgeons.

Choosing to have Spurgeons as your Charity of the Year is a great way to get your whole company involved in making a huge impact on the lives of communities. But the impact will also be on your company as the partnership will build team spirit and staff morale among your employees as well as demonstrating your company's morals and ethics to your customers and clients.

Don't know where to begin or what to do? We will support you every step of the way by providing you with a dedicated Account Manager who will work with you to ensure you are delivering a programme which will engage your staff and customers alike.

Give As You Earn

Make your giving easy with give as you earn

Payroll giving or Give As You Earn (GAYE) is the UK's biggest scheme set up to provide payroll giving. Donations are taken from employees pre-tax salaries. The benefit to your employees therefore is that they do not pay tax on their charitable donation.

If your company already operates Give As You Earn, you just have to let your payroll department know that you want to make donations to Spurgeons and they sort out the rest.

If your company is not currently set up with the Give As You Earn scheme ask your payroll department to contact the Charities Aid Foundation by calling 01732 520 019 or by visiting and they will be happy to help.

Goodwill Marketing

Goodwill Marketing - it does what it says on the tin! Your organisation's brand and reputation will be enhanced by connectivity to a good cause or charity, thus ensuring staff motivation and consumer longevity.

We can work with you to develop a strategy appropriate to your business. Email us.

Staff Fundraising

Fundraising is a great way to make a real difference.

Three people who have supported Spurgeons through staff fundraising holding a large cheque. As well as making a difference to vulnerable children and young people you will also make a difference to your staff. Getting together to raise funds for Spurgeons is a fantastic way to encourage staff to work together for a common purpose, encourage team building, build on staff development and show as an employer you are clearly committed to your staff.

Whether you’re planning a fun run, a quiz night or a sponsored three legged race, you’ll no doubt have a great time, as well as making a real positive impact to the lives of children, families and communities. Got a pretty good idea of the fundraising activity that you’re planning to run? If so, you may want to get straight on and create an online fundraising page.

Still searching for inspiration? Then take a look at these fundraising ideas and resources.

Volunteer for us

We have a number of opportunities for volunteering, from one off activities such helping to facilitate an event in the local community, to more regular volunteering in one of our local support services. We will help you to find the right opportunity to utilise the skills and talents of your staff, and to ensure that the volunteering experience is positive and fulfilling.

Gifts in kind

An invaluable way companies can support Spurgeons is through gifts in kind. It maybe that you can offer us products or a venue to support one of our events or offer your company’s services or skills on a pro-bono basis. Whatever your business can offer Spurgeons in this way will help us to achieve our goals whilst providing your business with fantastic product placement and a great opportunity to PR your company and products.

If you have any other questions please contact

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