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Be a light of love for a child like Sam this Christmas

Sam doesn’t know what home feels like. He has never experienced living in a permanent house, settling long enough to have his own room. Everything in Sam’s life has been temporary. His family live out of plastic bags, not knowing when they will have to move again.

Sam’s mum, who suffered domestic abuse, was referred to a refuge to protect her. With few possessions, little to support them, and no family to call on for help life looked bleak.

Sam and his family were alone, isolated, invisible. When his sister and brother were born, nothing had changed.

It breaks my heart to know there are children for whom Christmas day has always been, just another day. No food, no presents, unseen and invisible.

Your gift of £15 can ensure that there are more support workers in place to discover children and families struggling to cope.

sam.jpgIt’s a shocking fact that 4.1 million children in the UK are living in poverty. What will Christmas look like for them? We need help to reach out to more families like Sam’s.

Our support worker Wendy met Sam first. “I had noticed that some offices had been turned into temporary accommodation. I used to work in them and I saw that people were living there.” Wendy decided to see if there were families in the space that needed help. That’s where she met Sam, his 2-year-old sister, baby brother and Mum.

"When I went to visit one of my first thoughts was; They haven’t even got a bed! They lived in two rooms, one kitchenette and one bedroom. When we got there all they had was a blow up mattress and everything was in bags."

Seeing the desperate need of the family Wendy knew something had to be done. Sam’s mum was struggling to make ends meet but trying hard to provide for her chldren. “She (Mum) had bought a bed frame from a charity shop. It had no mattress and they were sleeping on the slats with curtains and blankets instead of a mattress. There was a double bed on bottom and a single on the top with a baby mattress on the top bunk – the baby was sleeping next to the big brother on the top bunk and mum with the toddler on the bottom bunk.”

We raised money to buy a mattress and the family were overjoyed, Wendy and the team knew there was still more we could do.

Your gift of £30 can help support a family deciding whether to heat their home or buy food this Christmas.

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