14-year-old girls shouldn’t have to resort to aggression to cope with their difficult lives.

Alicia is a lovely 14-year-old girl with the hope of a wonderful future ahead of her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t believe that. She should be looking forward to the life ahead of her, instead she is living an unstable life with her mother who has significant substance misuse and dependency problems. These are both caused by and result in serious mental health problems including psychosis.

As far as Alicia could see, her future was dark – hopeless. She was angry, extremely angry with the world around her – understandably so. However, she was struggling to control that anger – and her defiance with authority figures and both physical and verbal aggression, resulted in exclusions at school.

When we met her, Alicia was easily lured into fights, with both girls and boys, in and outside of school. She has earned herself a reputation for being aggressive but expressed no remorse. She used this aggression to falsely boost her self-esteem and confidence. She eventually developed relationships with known criminal peers.

It continues to shock us when we hear stories like Alicia’s because we believe that there shouldn’t be children in the UK who struggle with their daily lives to the extent that they cause themselves harm and potentially hurt others. We believe that together, we can make a difference to their lives. Alicia - no child should live in fear

Alicia truly believed her life wasn’t valuable. We believe there is hope for her future. 

We met Alicia when her school referred her to our BeLeave Programme, which focuses on

stopping girls becoming involved in gangs and gang related activity. Our Family Support Worker identified areas to work on with Alicia. She developed anger management skills and learned that she was a unique and beautiful girl. She identified activities that she was good at and made her feel good about herself which helped to improve her self-esteem.

We continued working with her to build positive friendships and also to build her relationships at home – particularly helping her Mum to understand the impact her mental illness and substance misuse had on Alicia.

We are thankful that Alicia attended a school that was able to refer her to our BeLeave programme. We are thankful that she was willing to work with us to address her issues and begin working her way to a brighter future. We are thankful that because of donations from people like you, we were able to be there for her.

This is why we are asking if you could give £40 to help us reach another child like Alicia before it is too late.

At Easter, as Christians, we get to celebrate the life, love and hope that Jesus gave us through his death and resurrection. Stepping down from heaven into a hopeless and hurting world, we believe that Jesus restored our relationship with God and gave us new hope – so that we can give hope to girls like Alicia.

Every day children in the UK are suffering and their lives are being destroyed because they have to deal with burdens they cannot cope with. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We won’t stop until every child has the support they need when they need it.

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