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Girls facing gang culture in the UK is real, brutal, avoidable


“I didn’t realise the danger - I just wanted to fit in.”

We have heard horrific stories of young women influenced into gangs because of nothing more than the places they live and forced into unthinkable situations, unable to escape, fearing for their lives.

We are setting up programmes where we can step in on behalf of these extremely vulnerable young women, because we can’t stand by any longer.  But we can’t do this without your help.  A gift of £28 can be the help a desperate young girl needs when she has no one else to turn to.  Together we can give girls and young women in the UK a better future and a chance to really live.  

You may not believe this is happening in the UK, but it is.  Desperation is forcing many of our girls and young women into impossible situations and we can help them overcome a vicious cycle. Gangs

Today, your gift of £28 could provide a safe place for girls to imagine their future and process the things they have been through – helping them to know that their past will not define their future.

Please don’t stand by and watch more girls and young women disappear into this dark world. Stand with us as we fight to set girls across our nation free - releasing them to pursue their true potential.

Please give now to provide life-saving interventions for girls in the UK

  • £28 could provide time with a therapist for a girl facing gang violence
  • £51 could go towards setting up group sessions where teenage girls can talk about the issues they face and find support to work through them
  • £80 could provide support for a family facing gang violence

Spurgeons is committed to serving the most vulnerable children and young adults across England – delivering far reaching work in places like Birmingham, Wolverhampton, London and Wiltshire.   Join us and help give hope to every child.

Help to give hope for every child

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