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“Life is tough because people don’t understand you……I do housework and chores that children wouldn’t do if they weren’t a young carer” (Archie)


244,000 young carers across the UK are providing personal care for a loved one.  We believe this is robbing them of their childhood. Children like Archie, who began looking after his mum at just five years old.

As the main carer for his mum, Archie has taken on a very adult role in this single parent family, he has grown up with more responsibility than any child should.Archie from Wiltshire.png

This summer Archie won’t visit friends and do the usual things children do in the holidays, because he worries no one is around to look after his Mum. Over 13,000 young carers this summer will be working 50 hour weeks to support their families because of this simple fact: there is no one else.

Your gift of £28 today could help run a youth club and support sessions for children like Archie to help them cope better with their everyday pressures.

  • £28 could help to cover the cost for a young carer to attend an activity session at a youth club
  • £51 could go towards setting up group sessions where young carers can talk with each other and share the issues they face
  • £80 could enable a young person to have a one to one session with a support worker, to provide much needed guidance and advice

Will you give children like Archie, a chance to escape their hard reality for a day and be a child again?

Spurgeons is committed to serving the most vulnerable children and young adults across England – delivering far reaching work in places like Birmingham, Wolverhampton, London and Wiltshire.   Please join us in giving hope to every child.

Find out more about Archie and his story in the latest issue of Yours Faithfully


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