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Teenage Parents

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A young father helped by Spurgeons teenage parents service looks down at his baby.

Busting the myths of teenage parents

We often work with members of society about whom many myths exist – and teenage parents would fit into this category. However, we know from our work with this vulnerable and distinct group that many of them want to be and can be excellent parents, that they want the very best for their child, they just need more help in learning how to do this.

Children, parents, grandparents - a holistic approach

Spurgeons experience of working with teenage parents has identified the vulnerability and social isolation that many of these young parents can face, alongside mental health challenges, social pressures and the financial pressures that raising a child so young may bring. We recognise the influence and support that grandparents and other key family members are able to give to these young parents and encourage them to get involved at our Children’s Centres.

Ongoing support – preparing for the future

“Dean and I went on a parenting course and it really helped us to understand our children better and how to take better care of them” – Ellie

Spurgeons’ Children’s Centres and our Family Support work gives young mums and dads the opportunity to engage with a broad range of activities as well as the introduction to online services that can offer much needed support. So often, teenage parents are separated or not in a relationship, and we aim to help them work together for the benefit of their child and this could be in a way as simple as attending a play session at a Children’s Centre as a family.

Many teenage parents get the support they need at our
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