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Ellie's Story

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A baby beaming whilst being kissed by teenage mum.

We help young mums and dads feel happier, healthier and more confident as parents

"Dean and I have a baby, Harry, and a toddler, Maya from a previous relationship - I was a teenager when I had her."

Harry was a poorly baby and I was exhausted and becoming depressed, so I went to a Spurgeons children’s centre to see if they could help.

From the beginning Spurgeons ensured I got the support I needed for my depression as well as one-to-one help at my house. At the centre I felt safe. I started building up qualifications and volunteered. Dean and I went on a parenting course and it really helped us to understand our children better and how to take better care of them - it was amazing. Afterwards, I felt much less anxious about being a mum. Spurgeons has also helped Dean and I to improve our relationship - we talk about things much more now and are more honest with each other.

I feel much happier, healthier and more confident as a mum. Now I go to school open days and know that I am making good choices for my children. I’m proud that we are still together as a family – Spurgeons’ help has been a huge part of that. Spurgeons has helped us to cope and now I know how to recognise issues as they come up and to ask for support when I need it.

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