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Deniz's Story

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A dark haired young girl who is a carer looks down to the right.

Throwing a young carer a lifeline through a Spurgeons support group

"I’m 13 and when my aunt got sick she needed help 24 hours a day so my mum and I moved 50 miles from our home so that we could help to look after her."

After we moved mum had a nervous breakdown and couldn’t help anymore so I had to do most of the caring for my aunt, like feeding, dressing and washing her as well as giving her all her medication. I often have to stay up all night with her, so am always really tired at school and sometimes fall asleep - or don’t make it into school at all.

My mum contacted Spurgeons after she saw a leaflet about the young carers group. I started going and made loads of new friends. It’s easy to talk to people there about how I feel because they understand. It’s helped me to be better at socialising with people my own age - I used to find that hard because I was around adults all the time.

Spurgeons has also helped us to access other support that we didn’t know we could have - not only for me but for mum and my aunt too.

The young carers group has been a lifeline for us.

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