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We support over 37,000 children and 78,000 parents or carers
Here are some of their stories:

A smiling young female carer wearing glasses.

I became a young carer a while ago when my mum became ill and my dad lost his legs. I know my mum appreciates all I do because she knows that whenever she needs me I’m right by her side. After a while I got offered support by Spurgeons and it helps a lot. Spurgeons helped me to slip away from the real world for a little while and discover something new.

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Close up of a teenage girl needing support looking downwards.

Jade was upset and struggling to cope emotionally with her dad being in prison and her school work was really suffering. Carol was extremely grateful for the intervention and told Spurgeons that although she had been asking for help since Mark was taken to prison, this was the first time anyone had been able to offer the family any support for their situation.

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A father who was in prison hugging his young son.

Since being at HMP Wandsworth, Ahmed had not seen his young son Imran due to his child’s severe autism. Recognising the importance of maintaining the relational bond between the father and son and knowing that Imran’s fourth birthday was approaching, Spurgeons liaised with prison staff for a visit to take place in a quieter environment.

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A baby being kissed on the cheek by her mother.

Olusola was left struggling to look after her newborn baby and two young children and keep a roof over their heads after her husband was placed in custody. By linking Olusola and her family with other agencies and developing a rapid response plan for their care and wellbeing, we were able to be there for them at a crucial moment.

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A young girl with long hair in need of support from a Spurgeons Children's Centre looking at the camera.

When your child doesn’t smile you feel like you’ve failed as a parent... That happened to me. My one year old, my Amy, didn’t smile. When my local children’s centre run by Spurgeons got involved, things started to change.

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A young female carer with her eyes cast down and right.

I’m 13 and when my aunt got sick she needed help 24 hours a day so my mum and I moved 50 miles from our home so that we could help to look after her. Spurgeons has also helped us to access other support that we didn’t know we could have - not only for me but for mum and my aunt too.

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A teenage mum kisses her smiling baby on the cheek.

Harry was a poorly baby and I was exhausted and becoming depressed. Spurgeons ensured I got the support I needed for my depression as well as one-to-one help at my house.

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A teenage boy who benefitted from Spurgeons family support with an earing, smiling.

After my mum and dad got divorced and my mum started seeing another bloke, my dad changed a lot. My mum takes me to a Spurgeons centre where there are people to look after me. Then my dad comes to the centre too and we have a cup of tea and a chat or watch a DVD together.

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Group of young children with a older girl watering plants at a Spurgeons children's centre.

I first used the children’s centre when I was pregnant and found the atmosphere created by the team welcoming and reassuring. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, which was in the form of a lump in my breast. I was given the all clear from my cancer and, as my way of saying thank you to the Children’s Centre for all their support, I used my skills as a Marketing Manager to organise their attendance at the Carnival.

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A lady resting her head against a window frame worrying about her son in prison.

Spurgeons first supported me when my teenage son, Rhys, was in a Secure Training Unit. Rhys had always been difficult and in trouble with the police. I know that I’m not alone anymore and with Spurgeons and my help, we know that he has the best possible chance for a good future.

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A young boy needing support rests his head on his hands.

Jakob’s school raised concerns about his situation after noticing his dirty clothes and unhealthy diet. Now, Jakob has received emotional support and is slowly returning to his former self. He is much happier in school, and his family is together this Christmas.

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A lady requiring Spurgeons family support service looking down at a ring she is holding.

After the girls were born, it started. Peter began to say things that made me feel so small and pathetic. I used to feel like everything was my fault. Spurgeons really supported me through this time; they got me to the refuge, and even involved the police so that my children would be safe.

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Young Carer - Spurgeons success story

Michael was just four years old when the Parent Support Advisor at his primary school became concerned about him. He was worried how much he seemed to be taking on himself at home.

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Diagnosed with autism, Holly’s naivety and vulnerability put her at serious risk of grooming and sexual exploitation. Her mother was worried sick and sought help from THINK FAMILY, one of Spurgeons’ projects.

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16 year old Alex is not like other teens. He spends over five hours a day caring for not just one family member, but three. Alex was born into his caring role, but started giving care at around the age of three: his Mum has Multiple Sclerosis; his Nan is a double amputee; and his Granddad has suffered from a series of strokes.

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