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Family Support

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A family supported by Spurgeons sitting down against a wall.

There are over 91,000 looked after children in the UK

£44 bn
Young carers are more likely to live in low-income families

Over 50%
of looked after children became looked after because of abuse or neglect

We support children, young people and families who are disadvantaged or struggling to cope with their difficulties

Our work is focused and target based, and we are committed to achieving positive and measurable outcomes.

Our family support is delivered in many ways within the community including through children’s centres and through prison visitors centres. Support is provided on a one to one basis and through group activities.

We can help young people of all backgrounds, including children in the care of the local authority.

Many children need to be separated from their parents for their own protection and to have a safe and happy childhood.

Local support for families who need help

“My mum takes me to a Spurgeons centre where there are people to look after me. Then my dad comes to the centre too and we have a cup of tea and a chat.” – Sam

We recognise that one of the most effective ways to reach vulnerable young people is by working with them in their own community. By establishing dialogue with children and young people most at risk of deprivation, we can better understand them and better help their community to find solutions to the challenges they face.

Our aim is to facilitate them in doing this through training, support and skills-enhancement.

These activities are designed to help people to deal with issues like inter-generational breakdown and anti-social behaviour and can help to build stronger families and healthier and more cohesive communities.

Children and young people being looked after by the local authority can benefit from the friendship and advice offered by a Spurgeons volunteer. All volunteers are fully trained to mentor and befriend a looked after child or young person

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