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A young girl who is a carer looking directly at the camera.

We understand the emotional pressure young carers feel can sometimes be immense and many miss out on fully enjoying their childhood. That’s why we offer a wide range of support mechanisms, from time out through activities and trips away to mentoring and educational support.

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Young children at a Spurgeons Children's Centre watering a plant.

Working with local partners we run centres for parents and their children, from pre-natal to the age of five. While we focus on those communities where high-levels of poverty is present, our centres welcome people from all background and situations and provide play sessions, clinics, programmes to develop parenting skills and family therapy.

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A family sitting by a wall helped by Spurgeons family support service.

Children need to be separated from their parents and whole families supported for a wide number of reasons, but we believe opening a dialogue and working with them in their own communities will always help to find the best solutions to issues. From organising events and activities for children to providing safe places for them to interact with parents when a parting has occurred, we aim to help build stronger families.

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A teenage boy supported by Spurgeons services looking out a window through the blinds.

Our two primary aims are to support those children who have a parent in prison and to work with young offenders, breaking the cycle of criminal activity that could lead to reoffending. Our visitor centres in London prisons enable children to visit loved ones in a friendly environment, while our mentoring and support programmes give young people and their families the chance to reduce negative outcomes and become stronger.

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A curly haired boy in need of Spurgeon's Preventing Abuse service sitting on the floor with his head in his hands.

Unfortunately too many children and young people have been, or are, at a significant risk of being mentally or physically harmed. We ensure protective action is taken to safeguard against neglect and abuse, and this is central to Spurgeons services and projects.

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A teenage father suported by Spurgeons looks down at his baby.

Young mums and dads are not only more likely to be vulnerable and need a caring network around them, but also to be separated from their child’s other parent – this means even more support is required. We help teenagers to be excellent parents by working alongside their whole families and providing programmes that are delivered in our Children’s Centres.

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Screenshot of the Spurgeons church network website homepage.

Our network links together Christian organisations, churches and individuals who offer services and activities for children, young people and families. Driven by their faith, members act to positively impact the lives of those in their local communities and they work closely with Spurgeons core services in order to deliver the support needed.

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A smiling young female carer wearing glasses.

Many children and parents who we have made a difference to want to share their stories so that others in need of help can remain positive in times of crisis. Here we have collated a number of those stories relating to all of our services.

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