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Child Sexual Exploitation Appeal

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Children like Holly are an easy target for sexual predators.

Vulnerable children urgently need protection

Children today are in greater need than ever for protection against grooming and sexual exploitation.

Many things contribute to their vulnerability: disrupted family life, witnessing domestic abuse, socio-economic disadvantages, learning difficulties and a lack of a positive relationship with a protective and nurturing adult.

Sometimes in life, problems can appear so complicated; it’s hard to imagine solutions will ever be found for the child involved. When these problems consist of parents splitting up, autism, extreme vulnerability - as well as absences from home and a history of childhood sexual exploitation - the situation can look bleak.

These were all factors for a young girl called Holly, and her mum Irene, when they came to Spurgeons for help.

Diagnosed with autism, Holly’s naivety and vulnerability put her at serious risk of grooming and sexual exploitation. At the age of eleven, Holly had been targeted by a sexual predator who was fortunately caught and charged with a sexual offense. This risk became intense when Holly, aged 15, had trouble coping with her parents’ separation and began exploring online relationships with older men, perhaps to compensate for having no father figure present. Click here to find out more about Holly and how Spurgeons helped her.

The combination of targeted support and multi-agency co-operation proved to be the key to unlocking the very real concerns threatening Holly’s safety. Your gift to Spurgeons can help us protect them.

Every individual life matters; and that belief underlines everything we do at Spurgeons. But planning and arranging life-changing interventions cost money and your generosity enables it all to happen. Your support means a great deal can be done for children like Holly, even in immensely complex situations.

Help us to help give them back their childhood

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