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Jamie's Story

9 year old Jamie was so desperate he wanted to end his life.

Christmas should be a time of hope, peace and joy for families. But for many children, the challenge of caring for a family member who is ill or disabled is an added burden – even more so over the holidays, when school is closed and their peers are having fun. This added pressure can overwhelm children and, all too often, they turn to desperate measures.

When we met Jamie, he was just nine years old.  He was a young carer with two disabled parents.

Jamie managed to attend school, but he was dealing with pressures far above his ability to cope, that left him withdrawn and quiet. 

It was just before last Christmas that we met him, but there wasn’t the usual excitement that you would find in a nine year old at that time of year.

No one knew was just how much Jamie was suffering with the burden of supporting his parents, and what turned out to be his parents verbal abuse of him.

As we started to talk to Jamie we discovered that the day before our meeting he had tried to kill himself in the school playground. 

Jamie’s story broke our hearts.  This little boy was struggling so much, he couldn’t see any other way out. We can imagine he thought his parents would be better off without him. That he’d be one less thing for them to worry about.

Jamie believed his life wasn’t worth living. But we believe he has a hopeful future.

There are so many children living in really difficult circumstances, who are at risk, that we are simply not going to be able to reach without your help.

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