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Our Faith Basis

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Hand resting on an open bible - the christian faith shapes our work.

We recognise each person as a unique individual, treating them with respect and celebrating our diversity

The Christian faith explains who we are and shapes our work

Our charity was born out of the Christian ministry of the great Baptist preacher and writer, Charles Haddon Spurgeon in 1867. He was one of many prominent Christians at that time who made a practical response to the Bible’s teaching to tackle poverty, challenge injustice and to live and love as a follower of Jesus Christ. With a generous donation from an Anglican widow, he and others founded the Stockwell Orphanage in south London for “fatherless boys”.

It was the result of prayer, Spurgeon’s bible teaching and writing, and a Christian motivation to serve and support vulnerable and disadvantaged children. While our work with children, young people and families may look very different today, our vision and mission for children continues to be inspired and guided by the Christian faith. It is a faith from which we draw our organisational values.

  • We are compassionate because we strive to be like Jesus, reaching out to the vulnerable, marginalised and exploited; His death that brings reconciliation between us and God is an act of grace that motivates us to show compassion.
  • We are inclusive because we know that every person is made in God’s image, that God celebrated the diversity of creation and we live in response to the incarnation of Jesus Christ who came to serve and serve all
  • We are hopeful because we look forward to God’s promise to bring justice, healing and peace in a new creation; we have certainty in this promise because of Jesus’ resurrection.

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