Spurgeons is one of the UK's leading children's charities, supporting children and their families for almost 150 years.

We deliver more than 81 high-quality services reaching over 35,300 children and 44,900 parents or carers.

We believe that every child deserves a childhood and an equal chance to fulfil their dreams. No child’s current situation should dictate their future and we are committed to helping them to be all that they can be.

We’re currently delivering more than 81 projects to support children, young people, their families and communities to find long-lasting solutions to the challenges they face - including poverty, abuse problems, offending, and other social issues. At any one time, we’re reaching out to over 35,300 children and young people.

Just as importantly, we help vulnerable children to speak up about the things they care about. We ensure that children’s voices are heard by those who have the power to change lives. This enables more children to look forward to a future full of opportunities.

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In 1867, Spurgeons was founded as a compassionate and distinctively Christian response to the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children in London. Motivated by their faith, Charles Haddon Spurgeon and his associates sought to provide shelter, education and a loving environment for the city's most vulnerable children.

Today you will find us at the heart of communities – listening, learning and building trust to make a lasting difference.

Our Christian faith remains an active and important motivation for the work we do. It forms the roots with which our peoples collective desire to help children and young people is linked to, regardless of their own beliefs.

Our faith basis

Since its foundation in 1867, Spurgeons has always identified itself as a Christian organisation. But what does this mean in practice today?

At its heart, it means the motivation for the work we do springs from the Christian faith and our understanding of who God is and how he calls us to work in the world. This is the foundation on which the organisation is built.

We believe in and follow a God who is:

  • loving – God’s love for every human being is unconditional
  • compassionate -God cares passionately about each person and responds with compassion to human suffering
  • relational – God desires a living relationship with everyone and actively seeks a response from us
  • inclusive – no one is excluded from God’s love or can put themselves beyond it
  • creative – God is constantly doing new things in the world
  • patient – God never gives up on anyone
  • just – God seeks justice in every situation
  • forgiving – God longs to forgive us and free us from the harm we can do ourselves and others and has made this clear through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. In the life and teaching of Jesus we see God’s character perfectly expressed and a clear example of how we, as his followers, are called to live

We believe in and follow Jesus who:

  • is proactive, taking the initiative in approaching us
  • treats each person as unique with their own set of abilities, characteristics and personal history
  • longs to see each person reach their full potential and live a fulfilled life
  • models to us a life of self-giving love and calls us to follow his example knowing that we will be most fulfilled in giving ourselves to him and to others
  • has a particular concern for children and people who are disadvantaged and living in any kind of poverty
  • wants us to work in relationship with him and empowers us by the Holy Spirit as we do so
  • calls us to be positive and hopeful about the future

We understand the practical outworking of this faith to be expressed in our Core Values

While the leaders and trustees of the organisation share this faith motivation, we welcome people of all faiths or none to work with us, asking them only to be fully committed to living out our Core Values through their work.

Our work has changed considerably since the start. But our motivation has remained the same and our core values ensure we stay true to that. Today we work in partnership with local authorities, churches, charitable foundations and other supporters to bring about lasting change. And in addition, we work hard to secure voluntary income to offer additional support that we know is needed.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values articulate the principles and style that are central to the way we seek to operate as an organisation and treat those we come into contact with. Every member of staff and volunteer are committed to making these Core Values a reality in everything Spurgeons does.

We are Caring
We recognise that a central need of all people is to feel safe, valued and loved. In all our relationships we seek to demonstrate care, compassion and commitment, to be affirming and nonjudgmental.

We are Inclusive
We recognise each person as a unique individual, treating them with respect and celebrating our diversity.

We are Holistic
We deal with people in a holistic way showing concern for every aspect of their lives and seeking justice when people are treated unfairly.

We are Hopeful
We believe that positive change is possible for all people, so seek to maintain a hopeful attitude that does not easily give up. We therefore have a proactive approach and a can-do mentality.

We are Responsive
We have a flexible approach that is responsive to the different needs we encounter. We seek to be creative and innovative and are prepared to look for new solutions.

We are Professional
We set ourselves high standards seeking quality and will learn from our mistakes in an open and honest way. We welcome partnership with others who share our Core Values.

  1. 1

    Children’s Centres

    Children’s Centres are a key resource in local communities. We work with children and families in more than 50 centres across the UK, giving us the opportunity to work with children and families in their own communities.

  2. 2

    Family support

    When families experience difficulties, we know that help at an early stage can have a huge impact and intensive support can be vital in keeping families together. Our tailored programmes support families going through problems that life throws up.

  3. 3

    Teenage parents

    Teenage parents can be great parents but often need some targeted help to develop their skills. We design, develop and deliver targeted programmes to support teenage parents to grow and find fulfilment in parenting while providing a loving, nurturing environment for their children.

  4. 4

    Young carers

    Young carers are a remarkable group of young people who often cope with significant additional pressures. We have a strong track record of working with young carers and their families and are building on this year-on-year.

  5. 5

    Families & criminal justice

    We know that children with a parent in prison suffer with educational and behavioural issues more than any other young group. We now give child-centred support through visitors’ centres and targeted programmes to ensure trends are broken and children succeed.

Everyday, almost 1,000 employees and volunteers work with us to support children and young people.

They are led by our board of trustees and strategic leadership team.

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The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the organisation. They work closely with the Executive Directors to guide their decision-making on strategic issues. The Trustees have ultimate responsibility in law for the charity, its assets and activities.

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The Strategic Leadership Team

Our Executive Directors – known as the Strategic Leadership Team – are responsible for running the business. They facilitate smooth day-to-day operations and ensure everything we do links back to our core aim. The Executive Directors are held to account by our Board of Trustees.

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